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About the Fund

The District A Fund accepts monetary donations (in the form of cash or securities), as well as the provision of services. Monetary donations can be made by check or credit card and Service Donations can be in the form of labor and/or materials relevant to the current project.

All donations, regardless of the type or amount, are greatly appreciated.

Monetary Donations

The Luzerne FoundationThe District A Fund has been established as a “Field of Interest Fund” with the Luzerne Foundation. The Luzerne Foundation, a local community organization, will be responsible for the collection and management of monetary donations for the District A Fund.

As a 501(c)3 charitable organization, all donations made to the District A Fund are tax deductible.

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Services Donations

If your business practices in an industry that can support the efforts of the District A Fund’s current project, we appreciate any and all donations of labor and/or materials.

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Christian Field

Christian Field

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